Lot 120


Ecole flamande

Estimate : 20 000 € - 22 000 €

End of sale on 7 février à 14h58

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Ecole flamande

Estimate : 20 000 € - 22 000 €

How to bid?



To place bids, you need to create an account by clicking on “Register to bid,” which is very easy and takes only a few minutes.
You’ll be asked for your full contact details, as well as bank details.


Once you’re connected, bidding is very simple. Simply type your maximum bid in the box, and our software will then bid on your behalf up to the amount in the box – and never higher. If another bidder exceeds your maximum bid, you’ll be notified by email. After validating your maximum bid, you cannot change it unless you want to raise it. At the end of the auction countdown time, you win the auction if no other bidder has placed a maximum bid that is higher than yours. 

If there is a bid in the last minute, a 1 minute additional time is added. It allows bidders to bid again without disturbing the other lots timers.


In your account, you’ll find a dashboard where you can track your auctions and favorites.


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