Fees and settlement

Simplified sales costs

Apollium agrees to apply reduced sales costs to sellers.

Fees are set depending on the number and value of the objects on sale. They are subject to a quote immediately after the appraisal request is made. The costs are comprehensive and include sales commissions and taxes, as well as several resale rights.

If your objects do not sell, no fee will be charged. There are no administrative fees.

Financial benefits

Under specific conditions, we can provide you with exclusive financial benefits: • Advance payment on future sales: a part of the price of your object is given to you before the sale. • Price guarantee, namely your sale price cannot fall short of the lowest estimate provided to you. • Prepayment of sale proceeds: the sale proceeds are paid to you before the payment deadline.

Timely and guaranteed payment

All sums we receive from buyers are paid into a third account that is both insured and guaranteed. Your sales proceeds, less applicable fees, shall be paid to you within four weeks following the auction.

Our sellers are paid via wire transfer, to ensure fast and secure payment.