Violins, cellos, bows… assessments

Violins, cellos, bows… assessments

Apollium auctioneers and experts are available for you, in order to carry out expert assessments and valuations of your instruments.

Appraisals for violins, cellos, bows…

Upon request, we can perform an expert assessment of your goods, by appointment in our offices or at your home.
Our experts and auctioneers are certified in the following fields:

  • Inheritance, inter vivos distribution.
  • Insurance, wealth tax (ISF under the French tax system),guardianship and curatorship.
  • Pre-sales.

For further information you can contact us

Free and fast online estimates for your violins and cellos

We offer you a fast and free way to obtain preliminary estimates of your pviolins, cellos and instruments. To get your estimates, simply fill out the online form and attach pictures of your instruments. You’ll be notified of your estimates by email .